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4 Reasons You Should Use Self-Storage Solutions as a Tradesman

4 Reasons You Should Use Self-Storage Solutions as a Tradesman

Tradesmen Self Storage

As a tradesman you will often have a large set of equipment you need to take with you on every job. Most tradesman will use their vans as business storage, they feel like the safety of their vehicle is all they need to keep their equipment from theft. However, much like the warning of not leaving valuables in your car when you are away, the same can be said about your work van. Business storage is just as important as storing your personal belongings, if not more so. Tools and equipment used for business can be valuable and they are essential to your livelihood, so why would you take risks?

Protect from theft

Even though you may feel like your equipment is safe and secure in your van, thefts from trade vans is alarmingly common. Even if your car has an alarm and you feel like you’ve parked it in a safe area, theft can still occur. This article from Simply Business gives a bit more insight on the risk of theft and how it can affect the trade industry. Investing in self-storage solutions can give you an extra level of security. With CCTV on all of Storebox’ sites and access codes for the storage units, can you have even more control when it comes to the safety of your items.

Protect from damage

With all that equipment rattling around in the back of your van as you travel from job to job, the risk of damage is much greater. Keep your valuables in top condition by storing them in a private Storebox and access them when you need them, 24/7.

Save your space

Don’t take up all the room in your van with all the items you may or may not need. Instead, think about renting a Storebox, to help you only carry around the items you need for the job. You may be carrying around equipment that you don’t necessarily need and taking up space in your van. You may even find you don’t need as big a van as you first thought and be able to downsize to save money for our business.  

Get covered by contents insurance

Your business insurance may not cover you for leaving your items in your car overnight and if you were to be a victim of theft, you would not be eligible for a payout. By using a Storebox as business storage and taking out the Storebox insurance, you items will be fully covered whilst they remain in the storage unit. This means that in the unlikely event that there is a theft from your unit, you will receive compensation and be able to get your business back on its feet in no time. Using Storebox for your business storage can not only protect you from the threat of theft that tradesman often face, but it can also offer you a whole new level of security for both your equipment and for your business. Find out how you can use Storebox for you business by giving us a call on the number at the top of this page, or head to our booking form.