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Business Storage Units

Business Storage Units

Here at Storebox we have the facilities to cater for all your small and medium sized business storage unit requirements. Our dedicated customer services team are here to answer your questions and you can start storing with us immediately.

Reasons to use Storebox for your business storage:

  • Ease of access – You can drive your vehicle right up to your unit door located at ground floor level. Access to the site is automated; all you need to do is call the gate number from your phone and it will open for you.

  • Extended opening hours – The majority of our sites are either open 24 hours or from 5am to midnight, 7 days a week.

  • Discounted rates on long term storage – We offer an extra 10% off 26 weeks and 15% off 52 weeks. If you are looking for more than one unit you can call us on 0333 111 0770 and our friendly staff can advise on the best deal for you and your business. We also price match on like for like units.

  • All sites are fully secured – All sites are secured with tall metal fencing with a reinforced gate, We have 24/7 CCTV monitored by our security team. All units are secured with a high quality steel padlock issued to you when you move in.

  • No notice period for moving out – Unlike many other companies we do not require a set notice period for you to move out, simply email or call to inform us when you wish to vacate.

  • Multiple unit sizes – We offer 3 unit sizes: Small – 8ft x 5ft (40 sqft), Medium – 10ft x 8ft (80sqft) and Large – 20ft x 8ft (160sqft). You are also free to upsize or downsize units according to your business’ demands.

Tool storage

With incidents of tool thefts on the rise many small and medium sized business are choosing to secure their tools in a storage unit at the end of each working day.

With our sites open early morning until late evening,as well as being accessible during the weekend, it is ideal for business tool storage.

Given the financial impact of tool theft on small businesses and sole traders it is no surprise that more and more business are choosing to store their tools overnight in one of our units rather than risk having them stolen from a van or an unsecured garage.

Common questions:

Can i install racking in the storage unit?
You are free to use free standing racking if you wish to – we only request that you do not install permanent fittings or make modfications to the interior walls of your unit.

Do you have a fork lift truck on site?
We do not provide a fork lift truck on site however with all our units accessible by vehicle we have no objections to using a tail lift and your own pallet truck to help load your goods into your unit. Units may be raised up to 12 inches from the ground so you may need to use a ramp if using a pallet truck.

How many pallets can i fit in a Large storage unit?
As pallets can be different dimensions it is difficult to give an accurate answer however using A3 boxes as an example: a Large unit can fit approximately 240 A3 boxes including pallets, if loaded inline with the pallet edges.

Can i store documents in the storage unit?
Sure! Our units are water/air tight so your documents will be safe and secure.